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Basics of Bhagvad Gita (Geeta, Bhagwad Gita)

Where is the disagreement!

Sri Sankracarya writes in Bhaj Govindam:

त्वयि मयि चान्यत्रैको विष्णुः व्यर्थं कुप्यसि सर्वसहिष्णुः। सर्वस्मिन्नपि पश्यात्मानं सर्वत्रोत्सृज भेदाज्ञानम् ॥

The same God dwells in absolutely everyone, where is the reason for any disagreement. Bar none. See the identical soul in everyone. Come off your conditioning.


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3 thoughts on “Where is the disagreement!

  1. anonymous on said:

    thanks for this drop of nectar, can you please post the Bhaj Govindam?

  2. You can find the translation at this website –
    This site has roman transliterated and translation both.

  3. You can find nice word to word translation of Bhaj-Govindam at following website –

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