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Women Dress Code In Vedic Society

Value system changes with time. According to Gita, this world is illusory. So, the rules pertaining to this world change with time. Among-st all these changes, the Real eternal natures exists without modification and change. So, Gita takes us from unreal to real, death to immortality and from darkness to light. Follow the rules what make sense to you and follow your heart.

As evident from these pictures, the current Hindu women dress code has changed significantly from Vedic dress code which existed before 1400 AD.



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4 thoughts on “Women Dress Code In Vedic Society

  1. LordInit on said:

    It seems many people are ignorant about their own history to the point that they use their religion (in this case Hinduism) to justify certain practices today that are not even found in their religion. India is a subtropical to tropical country so it’s no surprise that the original attire was adapted to the climate where both men and women alike were scantily dressed. The modern Hindu dress code despite the claims of the authorities are not based on Vedic scripture or teachings at all. In fact, ironically a lot of these modern dress practices and codes actually originate from ISLAM via the MUSLIM CONQUERORS!!

  2. possible. But how to establish the then existing dress code was in accordance with Vedic period. Even Vedas and Veda culture originated with Sindhu valley civilization.

  3. Anyways, I came to read this article because I never liked wearing a lot of clothes. I’m Indian, grew up in Gujarat, and was always deeply confused as to why we had to wear so many clothes when things would just be better suited if I wore less. I now see that perhaps within me is some pre-Vedic ancestral intuition about clothes and gender. I think the biggest tragedy of India is not the sad histories piled on top of each other to form the nation-state of India today, but rather it is the inability of Indian people to live from the heart without hate, judgement, and greed despite all of the accumulation of trauma and misunderstandings.

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