Gita 101

Basics of Bhagvad Gita (Geeta, Bhagwad Gita)


Bhagavad Gita is the song of God (Krishna). Krishna explains Arjuna how to live in this world and how to do right actions. All living beings are eternally part of the Absolute Being (God or Krishna).  Due to illusion, death, unhappiness, ignorance and incompleteness is experienced by living beings who are eternal, complete in all respects, full of knowledge and bliss. Different yoga processes are explained so that one can be situated in one’s own self or in other word, be united with God. This blog will be helpful for all seekers of God irrespective of the path they are following.

The self (atma or soul) is eternal and ever existing. Identification of self with body and other material attributes like name are considered illusory. The message of Gita is important and not the person in the specific body. Therefore, the author of the blog has withheld her/his name to emphasize the importance of the Real and not to divert attention of the readers to the Unreal.


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